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County Home
Chris Overman - Administrator
1501 Burlington Ave. • Frankfort , IN 46041
Phone:765-659-6378 • Fax:765-659-6383
Staffed 24/7

Parkview Home has the capacity to serve 44 residents.  Currently we serve an average of 30 a year.  Our residents are unique and are living at Parkview Home for various reasons and due to differing circumstances.  Many are elderly, some are retired and some have mental and physical challenges.  The message we would like to convey to Clinton County residents is that we are a self serve facility.  We are not a nursing home but do serve people with limited incomes and abilities. Residents can come and go at their leisure.  They pay rent and receive several benefits in kind.  Each resident has a private room with cable TV.  We provide three home cooked meals daily and provide laundry service for clothing and linens weekly.  We assist with the management of medications, appointments and other minimal needs.  We have several groups and individuals who come to the Home monthly to share activities with many of our residents.  These include BINGO, musical groups, Bible studies, pizza parties, crafts and various other activities.  We currently have a staff of 12 employees who serve here.  I am the administrator and have been for several years.  We have 4 full time cooks and a part time cook with great varying experience from 1-18 years of meal preparation and kitchen management.  We have 2 custodians who serve the residents and maintain cleanliness weekly; a full time nurse who manages medications, appointments, vitals, among numerous other responsibilities; a part time night watch and a full time night watch who stays through the night to assist residents as needed and maintains a presence in case of emergencies; and we have an excellent grounds keeper who has served faithfully for nearly 30 years and maintains this building/home.  We are committed to continue serving the residents of Clinton County.

A little history of Parkview Home

The original building was constructed circa 1863 and was destroyed by fire around 1918.  The current building, occupied today, is nearing its centennial celebration.  Parkview has served in several capacities in the past as a home for residents with TB and a county work farm (referred to as the "poor farm"). Parkview has served numerous residents of Clinton County for several  decades and will continue to do so for decades to come. 

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