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Rick Campbell - Superintendent
2095 Burlington Ave. • Frankfort , IN 46041
Phone:765-659-6379 • Fax:765-659-6308
Mon - Fri 7:30AM - 4:00PM

The Clinton County Highway Department strives to build and maintain our roadway infrastructure such that the transporting of people, goods, and services is efficient and safe. We will continue to work to improve the transportation infrastructure for the citizens fo Clinton County.

The Clinton County Highway Department is responsible for all roads, bridges, and roadway drainage systems within the unicorporated areas of Clinton County, which are not state highways and which are not whithin the corporated limits of a city or town. However, the Highway Department is responsible for the roadway bridges within the Frankfort City limits. Clinton County has over 800 miles of roadway, 160 bridges, and over 2,500 culverts to maintain. The department is responsible for maintaining the south and east county line roads.

The Clinton County Highway Department makes every effort to stay ahead on every road issue we face. Snow removal, pot holes, grading gravel roads, dust control, chip sealing, culvert maintenance, and bridge repairs. We also have over 4000 signs in the county that we maintain, as well as guard rail, brush and tree trimming, and maintenance of side ditches.

Clinton County Highway has jurisdiction over:
• Over 800 miles of roads, or which approximately 435 are hard surfaced and over 365 are gravel.
• 1600 miles of side ditch right of way.
• 160 bridges over 20', including 9 within the Frankfort City limits.
• 400 culverts over 36" and over 2100 culverts less than 36".
• 15 unincorporated towns.
• Over 4000 signs.

Driveway Permitting

Prior to building a residence, commercial building or outbuilding in Clinton County, it is necessary to get an approval from the Highway Department for a driveway accessing the county road.

-The applicant must determine and mark, with flags and stakes, the location that he/she wants the drive to enter their property from the county road. When choosing the preferred location, be aware of the distances you can see each way when pulling into and out of the proposed drive. It is necessary to have appropriate sight distances based on the speed of the traffic using the road. Example: Do not locate a drive just past the crest of a hill.
-Call the Highway Department at 659-6379 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM to schedule a time to meet with the Superintendent or his assistant. Bring to the meeting the most current plat of the property. If you have a platted lot, the plat can be obtained from the Recorder's office on the second floor of the Courthouse. If your property is not platted, then you must bring the map from the Surveyor's plat books showing the location of your property. This will help determine if the lot is an approved lot. The Surveyor's office is also on the first floor of the Courthouse.
-The Superintendent or his/her assistant will inspect the site. He/she will check to see if sight distance requirements are met and check the need for a pipe to convey the water from the side ditch through the drive.
-After the location is approved and the pipe size, if required, is determined, the applicant may either construct the drive immediately or post a bond ($300) to allow the building to be built prior to the construction of the drive.

PROCEDURE I - Construct Drive

After the drive is constructed, call the Highway Department for approval. If the drive is approved, the permit may be obtained from the Highway Department at 2095 Burlington Ave. A copy will be faxed to the Building and Zoning Department as they require a drive approval prior to issuing a building permit.

PROCEDURE II - Post Bond to delay drive construction

If you prefer to delay the drive construction so that your pipe is not damaged during the construction of the building, you may post a bond in the amount of $300.00 in the form of a cashier's check made payable to the Clinton County Treasurer as a performance guarantee for the future drive construction. A copy of the approval and bond will be faxed to the Building and Zoning Department. The drive must be built within twelve months of the date of the approval form. Notify the Superintendent or his assistant when the drive has been constructed so that the bond will be released back to the applicant by the County Commissioners. The applicant will be notified when the bond is released and you may pick up the bond check at the Auditor's office on the second floor of the Courthouse.

The files are in PDF form and you will need to have a PDF viewer to view them.
County Map
Highway Fees for Utility Permits and Culverts
Utility Permit
Road Access Permit
Rights-of-Way Resolution
Road Cut Permit

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