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Tony Sommer
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The Office of the Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney is charged with the responsibility of representing the State of Indiana in all felony and misdemeanor criminal prosecutions resulting from crimes committed within Clinton County, Indiana. In addition, the office prosecutes traffic and other infraction violations of state law, as well as juvenile violators.

Who Child Support Assists

• Any parent or person with custody of a child who needs help to establish a child support order
• Any parent or person with custody of a child who needs help to collect support payments from the non-custodial parent
• Any parent or person who needs help to establish the identity of a child's parents (paternity)

The Child Support Division represents the State of Indiana and is not permitted to act as your attorney; however, we may be able to assist you in the establishment, enforcement, or modification of child support orders.

The Child Support Division is not permitted to assist you in matters relating to divorce, custody, or visitation.

If you believe any of these apply to you, first, you must establish that you have a child that is legally entitled to support.  A court must legally identify the other parent of the child and order that person to pay a specific amount of money to assist with the expense of raising the child.  We can help you with this process if you have not yet legally established the identity of the child’s other parent and would like to establish a child support order, or if you have a valid child support order and would like assistance in its enforcement.  In order to file a contempt action for non-payment of child support, the obligated parent must be the equivalent of one (1) month in arrears.  You must bring the proper information to this office, unless you or the child are currently on medicaid.

The Clinton County Victim Assistance Program

Our Mission

Our Primary goal is to assist victims and families through the confusing, and sometimes overwhelming, criminal justice system with respect and compassion. We strive to provide guidance and resources that aid recovery and healing.

Your Rights As A Victim:

  • THE RIGHT to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect throughout the criminal justice process.
  • THE RIGHT to be informed if the accused has been released or escaped from custody or disposition and sentence upon request.
  • THE RIGHT to confer with the Prosecuting Attorney assiegned to your case after charges have been filed, before the trial, and before disposition of the case.
  • THE RIGHT to have your personal safety considered in pre-trial release determination decisions.
  • THE RIGHT to be heard at the sentencing hearing through a victim impact statement. You also have the right tom make a written statement to be included in the presentence investigation report if the accused is found guilty.
  • THE RIGHT to pursue restitution and other civil remedies against the accused.
  • THE RIGHT to be informed of your rights.

How Can We Help?

  • Accompaniment to Court
  • Notification of Court Dates
  • Assistance in Preparing and Making a Victim Impact Statement
  • Assistance in Obtaining a No Contact Order
  • Notification of Pleas and Negotiations
  • Assistance Obtaining Restitution

We have two full-time staff members ready to assist you. Please call (765) 659-6351.
Email Amie Milam, Victim Assistance Coordinator, at amilam@clintonco.com.
Email Marlen Alanis, Bi-lingual Victim Assistant, at malanis@clintonco.com. Habla espanol!

Public Resources

The files are in PDF form and you will need to have a PDF viewer to view them.
Clinton County Superior Court Infraction Deferral Program
Frankfort City Court Infraction Deferral Program
Documenting Restitution
Restitution Form
Victim Impact Statement Resource Guid
Victim Impact Statement

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